How to create my first project?

how to implement OKRs for creative teams

It’s time to create your first project with Krock!

You can check this quick video guide:

Let’s see how simple it is.

Go to your workspace, choose the ‘Projects’ tab, press the ‘Create new project’ button, and fill in the next gaps.

  • Name of the project (you can fill in only this field and add everything later)
  • Add a deadline
  • Invite clients by email
  • Invite freelancers by email

The last two fields are for people out of your workspace. All members of your workspace can see this project and leave comments on steps but cannot change the existing pipeline, edit steps, or send for the client’s review.

Press ‘Create,’ and that’s it! You’ve just created your first project 🙂

You can change the name of the project and manage the roles later.


Check out more articles on getting started with Krock:

If you’re having any trouble or need any help, let us know.


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