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When it comes to professionals in creative industries, juggling all the routine tasks can be a real pain in the neck. Every producer and team leader of media production companies or any other creative agency will tell you that keeping all projects and teams in line and all clients happy is no easy challenge.

This struggle ends with KROCK. Knowing that every agency’s production process is different, we created a fully customizable space where you can streamline your creative pipeline, client communication, and team management – all in one place.

Keep it all
together with!

With a “less is more approach”, Krock does not require any onboarding hustle and allows the clients to review the results of the work right where the project is governed.

See for yourself how easy it is to get started with Krock and watch this quick video tour. You’ll check out all features, both for your team and client sides:

Piece of cake, right?

If you’ve got any questions about Krock, shoot us an email or book a quick demo call, and our team will happily help you out. 

Or start our Free Trial today, and get familiar with all the features at your own pace. 


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Iryna Shkira
Iryna Shkira

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