An explainer video is typically a 60-sec short, an influential video that targets your brand motto and attracts thousands of prospective customers why they need this product. It’s a powerful booster of the marketing campaign. Explainer videos are designed to make it easier for your audience to identify with and understand a complex idea or concept. You can place these explainer video services on a myriad of social media sites, marketing campaigns, conferences, presentations, or any events. 

One Stop-Shop Video Software

All steps of the explainer video production process can be managed from the single dashboard effectively by using the latest and most advanced online proofreading and project management video software on the market, the KROCK.IO tool. It enables to keep the clients updated at every single step of the process that they get rid of the hassle in the following ways:

  • Manage the chaos of endless email threads with the team or clients and have access to adding the various types of files available in PNG, JPG, PDF, PSD, AI, MP4, MOV, and more
  • Assign the specific task to the team members and add a to-do list for each member in the form of comments
  • Keep tracking the project status, deadlines, and versions of every step in the project
  • Send an invitation to the clients for online proofing that reduces the revisions and get valuable feedback from them with the feature of advanced visual commenting and automatic timestamping
  • Make custom notes and send them to the clients for the fastest project approval.

Besides these features, KROCK.IO has a systemized animation board with a vast range of in-built explainer video templates that are free to use and customizable.


Let’s check out what it looks like:

  • The workflow is automated with this board. From this, you can use different board templates for different types of videos (explainer videos, commercials, cartoons, and other series production).
  • The integral part of any video production workflow is planning,  made more accessible by Gantt charts. Dependencies between deadlines can be set, and the amount of work that needs to be done can be controlled. KROCK.IO will automatically synchronize with the calendar in case of a deadline update or production delay. This is an excellent way for our team and customers to keep up with changes.
  • Besides that, KROCK.IO has a built-in storyboard & mood board creator, which includes customizable frames, notes, and comments. Getting your 200+ storyboard frames approved by teams and clients distributed across the globe can be difficult. With our platform, you can store an unlimited number of storyboard frames with notes and descriptions in one place. In addition, you can comment directly on the frame.

Moreover, every project is tagged, or as we call them, life-changing filters, to make it easy to search for it at any time. You can also easily see if a task is in progress, being reviewed, or has been approved and who’s assigned to it. 

With the right project management tool, you can improve your workflow, just as Hound Studio did with theirs! Check out a 70-sec video in frame-by-frame animation style designed by Hound Team for a famous sustainable clothing brand through KROCK.IO. We were more than pleasantly surprised by the cool results of such a duly organized process on our platform.


Are you ready to create a beautiful video with help of KROCK.IO?

If you sign up for a free trial for two weeks, you will have limited access to video services. There are three main packages offered: Solo, Plus, and Pro, all of which are 7.99$ per month, 55.20$, and 79.20$ respectively, while the enterprise package offers unlimited services for teams with more members.