Deliver media projects faster by
collaborating with your team in one space!

Start with building an effective pipeline for your creative team. Keep track of revisions and comments. Get approvals in a matter of seconds and provide the best teamwork experience.

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Working on creative projects?

The only app your team needs for management, review and approval process

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Complete your tasks faster, stay organized and keep projects on track.

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Progress & Versions

Create numerous versions and use progress bar to track workload for each of them.

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Leave text and visual comments to any type of media files (image, video, pdf).

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Fast delivery

Meet deadlines and get clients' approval easier than ever.

Build a unique pipeline to fit your project needs

Build an effective pipeline using a visual board with all the project steps, due dates, and deliverables. Assign tasks to team members, control work performance and share progress with your team and clients. Never miss a thing anymore!

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Feedback sharing has never been easier

Feedback sharing has never been easier. Make visual comments by tapping on an image or a video section. Once you resolved the issue, mark comments as "Done". You can now share an updated version with your team and client.

Manage tasks, follow deadlines and control team performance

Use our calendar view to keep track of all stages of your projects, set start and end dates for each step, and monitor the workload of each team member.

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Deliver new versions, set status and share progress

Create a limitless number of versions for each project and set the progress bar to track the workload in each of them. Share different versions with your clients and get approvals faster.

Leave comments and assign tasks

The comment field is a to-do list for assignees. Leave comments, mention people and teams and respond to urgent matters. Attach any type of files to your comments when needed.

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Share reviews & get approvals

Send a version for review to get feedback from clients. Attach different types of media files in comments and mention people to get in touch quickly. When client approves or rejects a version, you’ll be immediately notified by email.

Assign people to different projects and steps

Create teams, assign people to different tasks and steps and provide the best collaboration experience. Each person assigned to a task will get an email notification.

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Work with your team and clients in one space

Add clients to different projects and share files in a matter of seconds. Let your clients see all project steps, control progress and review each step of the production process.

Limitless number of workspaces for different teams

Create as many workspaces as you need to work with multiple teams, freelancers and clients. Switch between your workspaces and get invited to contribute to others´ projects as well.

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