Deliver media projects faster by
collaborating with your team in one space!

Start with building an effective pipeline for your creative team. Keep track of revisions and comments. Get approvals in a matter of seconds and provide the best teamwork experience. Assign tasks and control all project stages in real time even if you’re miles away from your team and clients.

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Team management
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Comments - Don’t miss feedback that really matters

Feedback sharing has never been easier. Make visual and text comments by tapping on an image or a video section and share your ideas or issues. While making edits, click "Done" not to miss any of them. Attach images to your comments to make them more understandable for your team and clients.

Versions - Share your project updates

Keep all your files in one place. Create a limitless number of versions to share your progress with the team and clients. Don’t miss important comments and feedback, follow the works of your team members. Copy old versions’ files to speed up your work and deliver your project on time.

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Statuses - Monitor the state of your project

No more missed feedback or project delays. Control your project’s status and be aware of any comments and revisions. If a client rejects or approves your version, you’ll immediately receive email notifications. Keep track of all the changes that happen on your project's dashboard.