Use Case:
Video Proofing

video proofing

When you're ready to deliver the video project to the client to get their valuable feedback, it is important to convey comments accurately to the team to prevent them from unnecessary edits.
Check how you can build your video review process in KROCK.IO.

Start your video project

Drawing Tool & Video Review Modes

drawing tool

You can leave the most accurate feedback due to visual markers, drawings, and adding files to your comments.

2 video review modes are available:
Frame-by-Frame. It will help you to detect the slightest changes between the frames.

Loop. Mark two points, A and B, and this video fragment will be repeated.

Efficient Review and Approval Process

approval process

  • Video comments are automatically time-stamped
  • Mention team members right in the comment section, and they will get an immediate notification
  • Resolve comments, when the issue is solved
  • Hide comments from the client to communicate directly with the team
  • Change the statuses in one click when the amendments are implemented

Ready to start?

Numerous Versions


The team and the client have access to all prior versions, allowing them to compare outcomes and monitor the implementation of previously left client visual feedback. Copy files from the previous versions or upload any from Google Drive or computer.

Let's see how the KROCK.IO video proofing
process looks like Video Annotation tool