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Quickly and easily create and edit storyboards, moodboards, or references. Involve clients in your Board creation, gather their comments, and build a great collaborative experience.

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Easy upload

Drop the images for an easy upload.

Make a story online with storyline creator:
select the images for your Board frames first, then drop them in the first frame in the correct order for your Storyboard. The order of the images will be saved after upload, and the frames will be numbered.

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Drag & drop to reorder

easily reorder storyboard frames - the numeration will sync automatically

Forget the hustle of manually renumerating your frames. If you need to reorder, simply drag them in the right order – the numeration will sync automatically.

Customized frames

Customized storyboard frames - online storyboard creator in

Choose which fields will be shown in the frame notes: camera, action, sound, lightning. You can also allow your client to make changes to the frames.

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Customized view

Customized view

Set up your Board view: as a table for scripts, or other documentation that requires a lot of text. Or as a grid in case you are working on a Storyboard. Scale your Boards up to see the details of each shot, or zoom it out to see the whole sequence.

Get structured feedback

Timecoded, structured comments in storyboards

Chaos in the comment section is not a problem anymore. Mention your teammates or clients and attach any type of files to each frame of your storyboard. Once mentioned, your collaborators will be notified by email, so rest assured that nothing will go overlooked.

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Real-time collaboration

Choose if your clients can edit storyboard frame notes

Invite your clients to participate in the creation process by allowing them to edit the notes on the frames.

Share your work easily

Export your storyboard as a PDF

Share your Board with anybody, whether they have a account or not: share viewer's access, invite people to project, or simply export your Board as a PDF.

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