Project Management for
Creative Teams

Use Krock to organize your workflow from client`s brief to finished project. Assign tasks and share feedback. Track progress and team performance. Share files and even start Zoom calls.

project management tool for creative agencies
Various workspaces for project management

Various Workspaces

Working with different clients or different teams?
Create separate Workspaces and customize them with your client’s or company’s logo. Invite people to corresponding Workspaces. Appoint managers of the Workspace, who will moderate the projects, and assign people.

Create custom pipeline for your media project
Create a custom pipeline for your project

Choose from the variety of project step types – images, video, PDF documents, or boards. Set a start date and a deadline for each step.
Or create a step sequence: the next step wouldn't start unless the previous isn't finished.

Use ready-made templates to start a new project in

Numerous project templates

Use our ready-made templates to jump-start your project. From Cartoon Series to Advertising Campaigns. From Web Design to Explainer Video.
Each template can be customized according to your project needs.

Assign people to different projects and steps

Use our role-based invitation to project for clients and teammates.
Assign team members to different project steps. Mark each step with tags. Create and curate tasks directly in the comments section by mentioning people.

Assign tasks in the best project management app
Interactive Gantt chart, that syncs automatically when you make updates in your projects

Deliver ahead of deadline

Use our Calendar view and interactive Gantt chart to manage project schedule, track your teams workload, detect overlaps, and fill in gaps. And don´t worry, every time there is an update, our Gantt chart and Calendar sync automatically.

Share the progress

Make sure all the stakeholders are aware of what stage your project is on. Share the status of each proejct step – whether it is in progress, in review, approved, or rejected.

Timecoded, structured comments

Assign tasks right in the comments

Nothing goes unnoticed with the mention feature in our comment section. Saw a spot that needs an improvement? Tap it, mention a teammate in a comment, and attach any type of file. The assignee will be immediately notified by email.

Integrations for smooth workflow | Integration Google Meet
Google Meet | Integration Jitsi
Jitsi | Integration Google Drive
Google Drive | Integration Slack
Slack | Integration Zoom

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