Release Notes

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Latest Updates


Drag & Drop:


Full-screen mode:

  • We added full-screen mode for the online proofing window.


Whitelabeling and other improvements:

  • We made some UI changes, so your workspace will look more personalized without the logo.
  • In Workspace settings, you can assign your logo to automatic emails.
  • We modified the Export from the Board to PDF step to remove the logo from the front page.
  • We created guest comments. Share a link to your project, and anyone who does not need to register can leave a comment.
  • The Board step now includes SCV Import/Export of text fields.


Auditioning Music:

  • This feature allows you to upload multiple music tracks to our platform and create a playlist. You can then share it with your client, who can listen to each track and provide feedback on which one they like best.


Painting mode improvements:

  • In painting mode, use the mouse wheel to change the brush size.
  • Undo and Redo hotkeys in painting mode.
  • Changing the zoom level with hotkeys =/-.
  • The video’s comments (dots and small ones) are displayed in a single frame.
  • The ability to set a folder’s custom preview.
  • Export comments from a video file in CSV format.


Meet New Calendar:

  • More space for busy days – now you can hide weekends.
  • Tasks assigned to you are shining brighter.
  • Filter events by tags set to your team members.
  • Assisting people, updating status and deadlines directly from the calendar.
  • The “Search by Name” filter is added to Calendar View.


Tabs in the “Projects” menu:

  • We added convenient tabs to your “Projects” view. All recent projects are at your fingertips.


Main side-bar menu reinvented:

  • More space for your creative review inside the step. The sidebar is reinvented for your convenience.


3 updates integrated:

  • We created the drawing tool for you to provide the most precise comments on images, videos, and PDF files. By leaving visual markings and drawings, any misunderstandings with the customer will be resolved.
  • After saving, links in comments turn into buttons.
  • @Mention is integrated into the comment field so that one task can be split and assigned to different people


2 valuable video review modes are developed:

  • Frame-by-Frame. It will help you to detect the slightest changes between the frames.
  • Loop. Mark two points, A and B, and this video fragment will be repeated. This will be useful if the same video clip /part needs to be viewed time and again.


Key features that make your work on the platform easier


If you are an Owner of the workspace, you can now assign yourself to a step or be assigned by a Manager.


You can set the value of each Step as a percentage, and after creating a template from the desired project, the data will be transferred to the New one.

You can also exclude a step from the progress calculation by setting the weight to zero.

The project Status can be changed by clicking on the Status bar in the step itself.


The sorting of comments to the video by timeline is added.


Assets, Video, Image, PDF -> Media

All previous steps (PDF, Images, Videos, and Assets) are now merged into the Media step, so different formats are combined in one place. Most media files are available for preview and visual commenting.


Project Statuses and Who can set them

  • Each project is marked with the color according to the project status: ‘On Hold’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Ready for Review’, etc. The Color Indicator can be found near the project name.
  • New status ‘Ready for review is added’. Now Assignees submit files to the Manager for review who further decides whether to send them to the client or return it to work.


Hide what you want to keep invisible

From today the step can be hidden from either the client or team members.

The Manager and the Owner will see all the steps, but the hidden ones are indicated by a yellow or red “crossed eye” icon in the upper left corner.


Leave notes with your review requests

Every detail matters! Now you can leave a note for your client when you send them a version for review.


Introducing: Folders Feature

Now you can categorize your project steps into folders! Whether it is separate folders according to the team or a production stage – your project is more organized than ever!


Calendar Sync enabled

The projects will be at hand if you sync KROCK.IO with Apple, Google, or Outlook Calendar. You can choose whether to sync all steps of the projects you are engaged in or just yours. How to connect?


Start Zoom calls right from your dashboard

Check out how to connect Zoom to right here.


Unique tags for every project

Every project is unique, right? Then it deserves unique step tags!


Jitsi integration is implemented

Call your team directly from KROCK.IO. Organize a Jitsi meeting following these steps.


✅ Google Meet integration implemented

Safely create and join high-quality video meetings for groups. Organize a call in Google Meet in 5 clicks.


Google Drive integration served

Now you can upload all your files directly from your Google Drive. Connect it using this guide.


Share access to view your project

Use a quick link and share view access to your project with people outside your workspace. Check out how to do it here.


Slack Integration added

Now you can receive notifications from directly into your Slack channel! 

Connect Slack using this guide.