5 Ways to Improve your Productivity with a Review and Approval System


RAS (Review and Approval Software) provides real-time visibility into project status, enabling team members to communicate faster. What a powerful tool!

Today, thousands of RAS systems have been developed that are designed to review and approve videos in just one click. Among them, the best pieces of video feedback software are quite a few. Programs like these can increase the efficiency of your work by boosting approvals and improving communication. These are beneficial for remote businesses.

Top Video Online Review Software

Listed below are some of the best video feedback software currently available. There are multiple ways to use these tools, and you should decide which software is best suited to your editing needs.

1. Krock.io

Professionals in creative industries often find it challenging to juggle all the routine tasks. It is no easy task to keep all projects and teams on track and all clients happy when running media or creative agencies.

There is no end to this struggle without KROCK. Because every agency’s production process is unique, we built a platform that allows you to streamline client communication, creative management, and team management in one place.

This tool is a must-have for creative industry professionals, whether they are enterprises or freelancers. From project planning to review and approval, Krock.io handles all production processes, so you can focus on being creative. Creating a pipeline for your teams and freelancers, inviting clients, creating to-do lists, sharing versions, receiving feedback, and tracking approvals will help you stay on top of your work.

With this tool, you can manage your projects and collaborate remotely from anywhere. All production needs are covered by Krock.io, allowing you to complete tasks on time with no extra time spent on them. The best collaborative experience with Krock is having clear communication with your client when reviewing your project. Some of the best features of this online proofing platform that you may need:

  • Keep track of dashboard and workspace changes
  • Maintain control over tasks and deadlines
  • Assign tasks directly in the comments
  • Set up online meetings
  • Post image and video comments
  • Use the straightforward and trackable process to review
  • Provide transparency to your clients
  • Get notifications via email or Slack whenever there is an update on your project.
Visual Commenting

Korck.io Visual Commenting

2. GoVisually

With GoVisually, you can get all of your video feedback needs fulfilled. Originally intended for PDF and image editing, the software has since been updated to include video editing. You can get video projects done quickly and with secure feedback and approval.

With GoVisually, collaboration on videos is easy, and you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge. As a video feedback tool, you won’t suffer from video quality issues, and you can upload HD videos easily and begin annotating. In addition, the tool lets you organize multiple revisions of your work in one space to ensure that work does not get mixed up.

3. Frame.io

The tool is widely used by filmmakers and video makers worldwide and has a well-earned reputation in the video industry. Using Frame.io, you can collaborate on videos, images, and much more, no matter where your team members are.

A well-organized email notification system makes it easy to track every input and comment on this platform. Its user interface also makes it accessible to everyone, like GoVisually.

Users can easily set passwords for videos and restrict access to their work with Frame.io’s security capability. A feature like this ensures that your content is safe, a very legitimate concern for creative teams.

4. Vimeo

You probably know Vimeo or have watched a video on it. Vimeo is a video hosting and sharing service popular with millions of users. In order to boost video production, this video review tool has expanded its services to include video feedback.

If you have previously used Vimeo for sharing your videos, you can now produce high-quality video content by collaborating with creative teams. The benefits of using this online review software are that you can upload your video, edit it, get feedback, and share it all on one platform.

On Vimeo, editing notes and reviews can be easily shared, though the interface can be a bit confusing at first. Also, Vimeo’s review tool is pricey, and it isn’t ideal for freelancers or small creative teams.

Sending the project for Client's Review

Krock.io Sending the project for Client’s Review

5. Wipster

Wipster’s mission is to simplify the video editing process and media management. This software streamlines your workflow and improves collaboration between teams. In addition to giving actionable comments on specific parts of images, videos, and PDFs, team members can also provide feedback.

Wipster is reported to be lagging by many users. The video review tool has been prone to minor bugs and errors. Your team and clients can be negatively affected by these errors. Several users report playback issues with video projects as well.

On top of all the creative management software, KROCK.IO, with its unique features as an online review tool, allows you to clearly track a project’s progress and streamline the approval process. Let’s find out more about the benefits of using KROCK.IO over other online video review software.

How does Krock.io video feedback software work?

You can follow these steps to structure your feedback videos once you have selected Krock.io as the preferred video feedback tool. Each video review tool has its own unique features, but Krock.io lets you stay hassle-free with its extraordinary features that no other tool can provide.

Sending for Review

Krock.io Sending the project for Client’s Review

Step 1 — Create the project and invite the client and team members

When you are creating the project, you will add team members and clients over there. This way, both parties are kept in touch to perform a fast review process where required.

Step 2 — Upload the video

This exemplified review program supports not only the video format but also various other multiple file layouts, such as PDF. Even after that, your teammates or colleagues can leave comments there.

Step 3 — Wait for the visual comments after Sending it for Review

Once your video project is uploaded, you should highlight the required area to mention the respective team members or clients. Share limited viewer access to third-party stakeholders. Let the people outside your Workspace view the particular step or invite the people to join your project as clients or freelancers.

They will be notified via email or Slack channel about the project. When this is done, if any update is required in a particular section, you will start to receive visual comments left by the team or clients. The best part is that an automatic timestamp is generated as you drop the comments to mark them. You can hide or even make visible your timestamps if needed at any stage of the process.

Approval Process

Krock.io Approval Process

Step 4 — Get structured feedback

In order to get the fastest review, you can create an unlimited number of versions for each project step. They can be shared with your client and the team. To ensure every requirement has been met, keep track of old versions with all the related feedback. It will save you time and effort. After editing, mark your time-wise comments as resolved and see whether they are visible to clients or not.

Step 5 — Put the project to bed

Send a version directly from your Krock workspace to a reviewer. Include various files and write notes in a document. Whenever a review request is considered, the client just needs to click “Approve” or “Reject”. The Project Manager will receive an email notification as well as be notified on the Krock platform after the version is reviewed.


Krock.io Calendar

Among all the software, Krock.io is the most versatile platform for a wide range of industries. Every step of the review process is monitored by this tool, tailored to fit the needs of creative agencies, freelancers, or remote workers. All professionals can benefit from its exceptional fast-tracking approval features and can get their job done through a one-click system.

Our KROCK plans start at $7.99 per month with 10 GB of storage and go up to $55.20 per month with 100 GB of storage and $79.20 per month with 250 GB of storage for our PRO creatives. Here you can find out more.

Put an end to the stress of keeping track of everything by choosing the plan that meets your needs. Spend your spare time rejuvenating yourself and nurturing your creativity.

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