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Currently, there’s lots of news about the war in Ukraine that is impossible to hide and everyone should have heard something about it. 

The horrible things are carried out by the Russian army toward civil citizens in general and women, mothers, and children in particular. Follow #BuchaMassacre to know more about these war crimes.

All we can do is to help not only by praying, and condoling but by donating some money to stop this terrible invasion of Ukraine.

Such harmful, violent behavior couldn’t leave us behind and we’ve selected some resources that would be useful for those who would like to help:

Help Children

Help Ukrainian Army (official websites and funds)

Help refugees

Help Buying an NTF

Our goal is to raise $1M+ for the Ukrainian people suffering from the war by selling the NFT collection created in collaboration with 500+ Ukrainian artists. 100% of the collected funds will be donated.”

Holy Water

Holy Water Exposition

  • Meta History museum of war

This collection is here to preserve the memory of the real events at given times during the war, to spread truthful information across the digital community in the world, and to collect donations in support of Ukraine. Buy NFT to support Ukraine. 100% of sale proceeds go directly to the official crypto-accounts of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.”

Meta History museum of war

Meta History museum of war

We can Do a great use to Ukraine in different ways. 

Donate to the organization of your choice. Whatever your contribution, it all matters.

The team hopes that through joint efforts this war will end soon.

Speak up and share

#StandWithUkraine #stopwarinukraine #stopputin #saveukraine #stoprussianinvasion #russianterrorism #BuchaMassacre

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