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  1. Main features:
  2. Storage
  3. Projects
  4. Users
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  6. Additional features:
  7. Project templates
  8. Download sources
  9. Private comments
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basic package includes all Krock features for teams of up to 5 people and 5 projects. The number of clients is unlimited. If you have any questions about our packages, please reach out to our support team.
Krock is a flexible platform that helps to build an effective pipeline, allows to leave visual comments on images, videos and other media formats as well as
keep different versions of them. Krock controls your workflow and makes it easier to manage tasks and projects. You can find all the features you need in one place, without any additional services needed.
Moreover, Krock has a more reasonable pricing model than others. The pricing of the Plus package is $69/month for 10 users, which means you pay only $7 for a user.
Yes, if you want to add more users, contact us, and we will offer you better conditions at the same price.
If you work in a media production company, marketing agency, or animation studio, Krock will help you to organize your work process in one click.
The account owner can upgrade or cancel a subscription for the whole team.
You can upgrade/downgrade or cancel your subscription on the billing page anytime you need it.
Yes, we offer a 15-20% discount if you pay for a 12-month subscription.
You can purchase Krock with any major credit card.