8 types of marketing campaign examples to inspire your next creative project

marketing campaign
  1. What is a marketing campaign?
  2. Types of marketing campaigns.
  3. Media campaign
  4. Product launch campaign
  5. Brand awareness campaign
  6. Rebranding campaign
  7. Seasonal push campaign
  8. Brand launch campaign
  9. The promotional campaign for contests
  10. Campaign for email marketing
  11. Conclusion

A marketing campaign may help a firm raise its brand awareness, attract new clients, and improve revenue. Marketing campaigns are a crucial part of almost any company’s success. There are several marketing campaigns kinds, and the one you select should be unique to your business.

This article explains what a marketing campaign is, goes over eight distinct sorts of campaigns you may use inside your business, and offers advice on how to carry one out effectively.

What is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is a calculated marketing effort that promotes a certain cause or objective on behalf of a business, brand, or person.

Through many channels, including television, print advertising, social media, and email marketing, marketing campaigns are created with the goal of capturing customers’ attention.

A marketing campaign’s main objective is normally to raise brand recognition and attract new clients. Almost all businesses rely on marketing initiatives to boost sales and expand as a business.

Types of marketing campaigns

You may utilize a variety of marketing campaigns to meet different marketing objectives within your company, including the following:

  • Traditional media campaign
  • Product launch campaign
  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Rebranding campaign
  • Seasonal push campaign
  • Brand launch campaign
  • The promotional campaign for contests
  • Campaign for email marketing

Traditional media campaign

A campaign using traditional media is one that uses those platforms to promote brand recognition and/or advertise a good or service.

What comprises a traditional media campaign?


For this kind of promotion, traditional media venues including TV, print ads, radio, and direct mail are frequently employed. Placing advertisements in your neighborhood newspaper to inform potential customers about a deal your shop is having is an example of a conventional media strategy.

Product launch campaign

What are the 4 factors that must be considered in a product marketing campaign? The answer is – products, marketing, client success, and sales.

When a new product is introduced, marketing efforts are frequently used to raise consumer knowledge of the product and its benefits. The producer runs a product launch campaign in conjunction with any distribution partners.

Product launch campaign

Take a shoe manufacturer that releases a new pair of women’s sneakers as an illustration. Marketing strategies including social media advertising and emails to current clients would probably be used in the campaign, which would be aimed at women of a certain age bracket.

Brand awareness campaign

In a brand awareness campaign, marketing initiatives are concentrated on increasing or enhancing consumer awareness of a company’s brand. Larger companies may run recurrent brand awareness efforts to keep their popularity high.


A business may, for instance, develop a blog and provide excellent material pertinent to its intended audience. This makes sure that the target audience knows about the company or brand when they look for an answer to a query that the business has answered on its blog.

The target market gets aware of the brand even if they might not make a purchase right away but will probably do so later on.

1. Understand your audience: Spend some time mapping out your target audience based on things like age, gender, and location.

2. Discover the websites where your audience “hangs out”: Don’t try to promote your business across the board by running ads on LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Use the particular advertising platform that your social media analytics show is the most effective for spending money on.

3. Maintain a budget: Where to promote also depends on your budget. If you don’t have a significant advertising budget, consider which platform would allow you to reach the most potential clients. Be inventive. Could you achieve brand recognition for nothing? For instance, this may take the shape of audio interviews or guest pieces.

4. Identify your objectives: Establish clear goals so you can gauge the effectiveness of a campaign to raise brand recognition. For instance, do you merely want to increase brand recognition or do you also want to monitor changes in website traffic and email subscriber numbers?

5. Monitor the results: Pay close attention to the statistics so you can determine how successful the campaign was. Utilize that information to your advantage when planning the following brand-awareness campaign for your company.

Rebranding campaign

What is a rebranding campaign? It’s when a business utilizes marketing to advertise a change, such as a new name, logo, or merger with another organization.

Rebranding campaign

Additionally, businesses that want to resurrect their industries or that have lost favor with their target customers adopt this sort of marketing strategy. For instance, a fast-food establishment has come under fire for its poor menu choices.

The business might employ a rebranding effort to promote new healthy menu items and highlight its dedication to promoting health and well-being among its clients in order to generate new business.

Seasonal push campaign

A campaign designed to advertise seasonal promotions, products, or services is known as a seasonal push campaign. Companies that see a seasonal flood of business, including retail chains and restaurants, commonly utilize this sort of promotion.

Seasonal push campaign

To boost sales throughout the winter, a nearby retail outlet may, for instance, run social media advertisements alerting customers to a winter deal.

Brand launch campaign

A brand launch campaign is utilized, much like a product launch campaign, when a business creates a new brand and wants to raise awareness of it.

Brand launch campaign

A significant business just created a new brand targeted at a brand-new market. The business conducts a brand launch campaign to promote its new brand on social media and contacts, current clients, with a discount offer for using the new brand.

The promotional campaign for contests

Although contest marketing efforts are not a new idea, social media has increased its popularity. This kind of promotion may raise awareness of a business and its products and stimulate new organic internet traffic.

The promotional campaign for contests

As an illustration, a business may launch a contest marketing campaign on its social media pages to advertise a new product. People must follow the company’s account and tag three friends in the comments on the company’s post in order to be eligible to win.

This increases the number of followers for the business and increases brand exposure since the user’s tag friends who might not be familiar with the business.

Campaign for email marketing

When do companies utilize email marketing?

When they prefer to stay in touch with current clients and let them know about specials, coupons, discounts, and new goods and services.

Campaign for email marketing

A firm may, for instance, send out an email campaign to all of its clients notifying them of an impending sale and include a coupon for an additional 10% off.

Advice for carrying out a successful marketing campaign:

  • To make sure your marketing initiatives are as successful as possible, keep the following in mind:
    Make use of social media to your benefit: Millions of individuals use social media to find new companies, goods, and services. By including social media in your marketing initiatives, you may benefit from it.
  • Recognize your audience: The success of your marketing effort may be considerably increased by conducting research on your target group and using the results. Spend some time learning as much as you can about the target market for your marketing campaign, and base your efforts on this information.
  • Remember, influencer marketing is a well-liked strategy for expanding the reach of your marketing initiatives and raising brand recognition. When promoting goods or services on social media, take into account collaborating with influencers in your field.


What kind of marketing initiative does your firm need to launch at this point in its expansion?

Keep in mind that not all available marketing strategies are necessary. In fact, even attempting it wouldn’t be useful.

Instead, focus on conducting one or two specific sorts of marketing initiatives that are applicable to each level of your funnel.

Run your campaigns, pay attention to the analytics, make adjustments or a pivot depending on the results, and maintain executing the same kinds of marketing efforts up until your lead generation and sales machine is profitable year after year.

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