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Creative client and team collaboration can be a powerful force when done well. Innovation can happen at a rapid pace, and incredible projects can come from it. However, there are a few problems that can arise on the road to creative innovation.

There are various project management and team collaboration tools, but Krock was made by, tested by, and used by creatives.

Designed specifically for creative industry professionals, it creates a single space for client feedback, online proofing, task management, and much more. Krock transforms mundane routine tasks into quick & easy processes, letting you focus on your creativity.

Let’s take a closer look at what good team collaboration looks like, and how Krock can help collaborate with team members and overcome some of the most common collaboration challenges they face.

Stop Miscommunication with Clients at the Source

No matter what creative field you’re in, client communication can get messy without the proper tools to help guide the way. This can lead to longer hours, repetitive revisions of work, missed deadlines, and more. Luckily, Krock has a review request tool that’s perfect for client communication.

Your team can send a review request to the client, directly from Krock, whenever. When the client receives the review request, they can either approve or reject the version and leave straightforward notes in the comment section.

Keep it all
together with!

With a simple click of a button, the client can let the team know if they approve or disapprove of the work and define the next step for the project.

Here another Krock advantage kicks in: the user-friendly interface. It makes client onboarding extremely easy. No 30-hour course or 150-page guides to get your clients using the platform.

Some of our customers even use the platform as a selling point: Krock gives transparency to the clients, keeping them involved during the project.


team collaboration app - krock

Check out our article on client communication pitfalls, featuring Marlene Sharp – a founder and an executive producer of LA-based entertainment consultancy Pink Poodle Productions.

Improve Team Collaboration

best team collaboration software - krock

Miscommunication doesn’t just happen between clients and the team they’re working with.

It is often difficult for employees on the same team to communicate with each other, especially when the work is remote. Helping the teammates to communicate with much more ease was also one of the main goals during Krock’s features development process.

For instance, an interactive Gantt Chart allows users to scan all the project elements and their stages, and quickly adjust the tasks to fast-track the production pipeline. It also alerts team members of what’s coming up and which co-workers are in charge of each section of the project.

This way, you can address questions to the employee that knows the most, saving time for everyone involved.

Storyboarding 2.0

We created Krock for a variety of creative professionals, and we could not leave those who work in video production aside. Hence the Board step is perfect for creating storyboards, reference books, or mood boards.

And what is one of the biggest pains for storyboard artists out there? Changing the storyboard along the way. With the Krock Board step, you can:

  • upload all the frames at once – and their order will be saved exactly as it is
  • re-order the frames by simply dragging them
  • use different views – grid or table
  • make comments on each specific frame
  • share your work with the client and choose whether they can comment or not
  • download the whole storyboard as a PDF or download all the frames separately

Check out this article for the detailed guide on How to use the Board step to build your storyboard.


storyboard builder

However, no matter what creative field you’re in, the Board step can help you plan and execute your project. The reference book or the mood board can help map out the whole project and plan your workflow more efficiently.

Organize Tasks Better

Through Krock, you can also organize your tasks better than ever before. You can create as many different workspaces as you need. This way, you can keep your clients separate and organized into individual spaces.

These individual workspaces are customizable with your client’s logo for easy recognition and access.

collaboration tools for remote teams - krock

Krock Dashboard – All Projects View

The dashboard feature in Krock helps to see all of your data in one place. Here, you can see upcoming deadlines, the status of your current tasks, who is working on what, what’s under review, and more. This makes it easy to quickly glance at your work with a wide view and see what needs to get done.

You can also choose to have only your work shown up on the dashboard, so you stay focused on your goals. It also gives you the option of a calendar view, so that you can see how your month is shaping out and all of your future deadlines, and your past progress.

Calendar View - for online team collaboration

Krock Dashboard – Calendar View

We know better than anyone that creatives want to spend less time administrating and more time creating.

That’s why, whenever you create a new project in Krock, you can use the ready-made template for a range from Cartoon Series to Marketing Campaigns. Or create your own templates that are a perfect fit for the type of project you usually work on.


ready-made templates for best team collaboration

Delegate Tasks Easier

Along with organizing tasks, delegating the tasks out to the right employee can ensure that every project is done efficiently and effectively. Krock helps you delegate tasks by letting you see what employees are overwhelmed with work and what employees have time to help.

This way, you can delegate tasks evenly and get the project done faster.

This helps you create a blueprint moving forward. With the Gantt chart, you can plan out at what time people will be busy and delegate accordingly. You’ll save your employees time and creative energy. Their focus will be clearly delegated to one task at a time.


Gantt Chart for team collaboartion

This allows you to define the fastest path toward completing the project.

By using the Gantt chart, you can check what steps of the project need to get done faster or slower. You can create a path to completing the projects you’ve set up with ample time to spare before the deadline approaches. And prioritize important tasks, not spending as much time focusing on tasks that don’t critically affect the project.

Leave Clear Feedback

The review process can be quite confusing when it comes to creative projects. Email ping-pongs, lost messages, and numerous zoom calls between clients and teams can be frustrating. Krock makes leaving feedback and reviewing the project just effortless.

Feedback is made simple with Krock’s visual comments feature. With visual comments, you can pinpoint and highlight the section you want to discuss, no matter the type of media file. For instance, when working on a video, you can make a note and have it reflected on the timestamp of the video.

This way, the client or colleague can see the note in real-time as they play the video back.


visual comments on video

You can also continue to assign tasks and re-delegate in this comment section, so you don’t have to go back and forth between various tools in Krock. The comments can be marked as “resolved” by the team member when they fix the feedback section.

You can also leave comments specifically just for your client or just for your team. Your client doesn’t have to know the notes you’re giving to your team unless you want them to.

Krock’s feedback tool is also special because the team member or client mentioned will receive an email notification. This way, no one misses a thing.


collaboration platform for teams - krock

Structurize Your Projects

agile team collaboration tool - krock

You can structurize and change your project along the way in a clear, comprehensive way with Krock’s latest feature – folders.

Each team member usually executes their tasks and revises them a couple of times before they reach the final result. Besides versioning, Krock offers you to organize production steps into folders, as well as tag the steps using the unique tag names.

This way, each team or member can have all their tasks in the same place. Or you can organize your steps according to the stages of production. Either way, the folders feature will help maintain all your project steps and tasks well organized.

The troubles that come from miscommunication, delegation, and organizing are no more with the help of Krock. Saving you that much-needed time and effort your team would rather spend on creative tasks.

Schedule a quick demo call to get familiar with all the features. Or try Krock for free for the first 2 weeks.


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