How to build storyboard with Krock board step?

Creating a storyboard is an indispensable step in any motion creation. Naturally, it is one of the step types available to you in Krock.

You can check out this quick video guide:


Or see the instructions below:


First, navigate to your project in the Krock workspace and add a new step. 

When choosing step type, click on Board.

Creating Storyboard in Krock


When creating a new board step, you may select which sections you want your frames to contain. 


You can add:

– sound 🎵

– action 🎞

– camera 📽

– lightening 🔦

– and notes 🗒


Then, upload your image for the first frame. You can do so by clicking the three-dot button on the left bar of your frame. 


Next, you can add a description to any section of the frame by simply clicking on it:

Storyboard description in


You can also share feedback in the general comment section. 

For that, pick a frame you want to comment on and type in your input in the bar that appears on the right side:

Comment feature in storyboard in

When saving your comment, the number of the frame will appear next to your name.

You can create as many frames as you need, change their order and insert new frames after a sequence is created. 

You can also choose which way to display them – in a grid or table view:

Storyboard Grid View

Grid View


Storyboard Table View in

Table View


That´s it! 

Check out the case studies of building storyboards here.

If you need any help with building your storyboard or using the board step, please, use our online chat or get in touch here.