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An explainer video is typically a 60-sec short, an influential video that targets your brand motto and attracts thousands of prospective customers why they need this product. It’s a powerful booster of the marketing campaign. Explainer videos are designed to make it easier for your audience to identify with and understand a complex idea or concept. You can place these explainer video services on a myriad of social media sites, marketing campaigns, conferences, presentations, or any events. The script, moodboard (if necessary), storyboard, styleframes, illustrations, voice-over, animation, music, and sound fx are the eight primary phases of video production. We have a short guide on how you can build your video production process in KROCK.IO.

Let’s check out what it looks like

1. Moodboard

KROCK.IO has a built-in storyboard & moodboard creator, which includes customizable frames, notes, and comments. While creating a Brief or a Moodboard, show your examples, mark options directly on the pictures, and sketch out your ideas.

moodboard Moodboard

2. Scriptwriting

It comes into play after Moodboard is ready and is very important and convenient to separate the scenes with a scene action description and the Voice Over of the announcer. This is very convenient to do in the Storyboard step in Grid view.

Krock Storyboard Storyboard (Grid view)

3. Styleframing

This step is required for clients to select the entire style of video or animation to see how it would look within a longer animation. It is convenient to coordinate changes with the client and control modifications in versions.

Krock Styleframes Styleframes

4. Storyboard

After agreeing on the script and style, we’ll move into Storyboarding process. The customer will be able to watch the entire animation in a simplified comic-book form to capture scenes, characters, layout, and scenario flow. Is very convenient to model a sketch with the Board tool, Grid view where you’re able to modify the storyboard in the Storyboard Creator tool.

The replacement takes place in an interactive mode, there is no need to suffer from complex programs, rearranging the order of the scenes due to small changes. You can use various ready-made free explainer video templates for different types of videos (explainer videos, commercials, cartoons, and other series production).

They are all integrated into one place and come out of the tussle of getting thousands of templates from multiple tools.

Krock Storyboard Storyboard (Table view)

5. Voice-over

This step needs to be fulfilled before working on animation. It delivers the right message to the targeted audience with the help of an appealing voice that fits the product explainer video. Basically for the 60-second video approximately 150-170 words are best for it.

6. Design

Now that we have the storyboard set, we prepare all scenes design. By using the myriad of rough sketches on the multiple background video templates, it comes up with illustrations for future explainer videos. All previous versions remain at the disposal of the team, which allows them to compare results and control the implementation of previously left visual comments by the client. The clients are responsible for the implementation of statuses and they personally Approve or Reject all stages.

Illustration Illustration

7. Animation

Upon finishing the illustrations and voice-over, the final captivating video draft will be made. Once the video company has finished all internal animation revisions, then deliver the product video project to the client for their valuable feedback.

This is the most crucial and long-term step of the video production process and it is important to convey comments very accurately to the team to save the team time from unnecessary edits. KROCK.IO helps with visual commenting with reference to timecode!

Krock Animation Animation

8. Music and sound design (SFX)

Adding up the background music or sound effects with animated visuals to the explainer videos brings positive changes in the viewer’s mood and grabs their attention for a longer time.

One Stop-Shop Video Software

Among these features, KROCK.IO has other useful tools such as Calendar, Timeline, and Dashboard for team workload management, etc., which allows the tool to become the main tool in video explainer production and project management fields.

With the right project management tool, you can improve your workflow, just as Hound Studio did with theirs! Check out a 70-sec video in frame-by-frame animation style designed by Hound Team for a famous sustainable clothing brand through KROCK.IO. We were more than pleasantly surprised by the cool results of such a duly organized process on our platform.

Hound Studio Explainer Video for sustainable clothing

Each step of animated video production requires attention to detail from start to finish. You may not get the results you expect if there is one step missing from a final one. 

Are you ready to create a beautiful video with help of KROCK.IO?

If you sign up for a free trial for two weeks, you will have limited access to video services. There are three main packages offered: Solo, Plus, and Pro, all of which are 7.99$ per month, 55.20$, and 79.20$ respectively, while the enterprise package offers unlimited services for teams with more members.


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