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  1. What exactly are annotation tools?
  2. Things to Think About When Choosing an Annotation Tool
  3. 7 of the top annotation tools that you should check out
  4. Conclusion

Visual tools are almost always used in marketing tactics to convey their message. Sometimes an expertly designed illustration will work better than simple words.

Online annotation tools have improved to the point that they can be used for anything from modifying notes to summarizing key information, tracking to-do lists, and even editing photographs and videos.

The seven annotation tools covered in this post can help you streamline your professional work. This list will include both free and paid choices, so you may pick the ones that best suit the demands of your business.

What exactly are annotation tools?

A program called annotation tools is used to annotate or mark up any document. You can utilize annotation tools on an image or any other piece of material as a text editor as well. Any industry or document can benefit from the use of annotation tools.

Simply described, they are text or drawing tools that enable us to annotate documents that contain text, video, or images, as well as other types of content.

Things to Think About When Choosing an Annotation Tool

1. The functionality

The tool should provide you with the features and functions you require.

2. Price

There are numerous paid and free apps available on the market today.

3. Productivity and Efficiency

Many free tools may not always detect every error that needs to be corrected or every phrase that can be rephrased.

7 of the top annotation tools that you should check out

This list will include both free and paid choices, so you may pick the ones that best suit the demands of your business.

1. Scale AI

A data annotating tool called Scale AI makes it simple to annotate huge amounts of data. You may annotate 3D objects like sensors, pictures, and videos with Scale AI.

Additionally, Scale AI provides super-pixel segmentation and the production of synthetic data. Beginners might find it a little challenging to use this automated tool, although visual effects departments tend to benefit from it the most.

2. SuperAnnotate

SuperAnnotate is an all-inclusive picture and video annotation program. The workflow on your PC is streamlined and automated by this annotating tool.

With SuperAnnotate, you can make excellent annotations without sacrificing the quality of your material. With the help of this tool, you may carry out a number of computer vision operations, including object detection, semantic segmentation, cuboid annotation, and video tracking.

Both vector and pixel-wise annotations can be made with SuperAnotate. For sectors that rely on images, this annotation tool is particularly useful. The automatic annotation streamlines and improves the labeling process. Any human errors are eliminated via automated annotation.

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3. GoVisually

GoVisually is the program for you if you want an annotation tool that is simple to use and produces excellent results. Real-time comments and feedback are provided by GoVisually. GoVisually can be used to comment on designs, videos, and PDFs.

GoVisually is a well-known annotation tool that design professionals, marketing groups, and creative companies rely on. When you purchase a product with such excellent reviews, you may be sure that you have tools that improve your workflow.

You may examine and change your designs in real-time using GoVisually. Viewing, editing, working together, and managing your designs are all simple processes. The collaborative interface for GoVisually runs without any lag. Everyone can easily stay on course because of this.

GoVisually uses a responsive app and user experience without sacrificing quality. With this ease, you may annotate your work while you’re on the go. The annotation tools from GoVisually are also accessible on mobile devices.

4. V7

One of the top picture annotation tools available is V7. This can be a useful annotation tool if your company works with visual media.

It is a tool for automated annotation that integrates dataset administration, annotation of images and videos, and training of an autoML model to label any necessary tasks automatically. The V7 tool can be used to manage and annotate any component of your process involving data.

5. Krock.io

Krock.io is an efficient way to work across a myriad of projects. It’s incredibly intuitive having the briefing, style frames, and versions of videos all accessible from a single project dashboard.

There are a ton of cool tools on this site that you will love. A handful of them are listed below:

  • No need to take extra training for you or your team on building your process in Krock.io. With a simple and intuitive UX, spend less than X mins to have your workspace up and running.
  • Build a unique fully-custom pipeline, organize steps with folders, manage assets and add multiple file types such as PNG, JPG, PDF, PSD, AI, MP4, MOV, and more. Get only the tools you need, not tons of irrelevant features.
  • Assign team members to project steps and add comments as a to-do list for each member. Keep track of statuses, deadlines, and versions of every step of the project. All from one place.
  • Invite clients for online proofing. Minimize the number of revisions by getting convenient feedback with advanced visual commenting and automatic timestamping features. Send custom notes right from Krock.io and get approvals faster. Focus on creativity instead of ineffective communication.

6. Visme 

For agencies, marketers, and any other creative team looking to produce striking images without requiring a high degree of skill, Visme is a terrific content creation platform. The online presentation software offered by Visme is well-known and incredibly useful for creative teams who must pitch their ideas to clients.

Visme also provides tools for creating infographics, social media assets, movies, and other types of material. 

Visme is on our list of the top project management tools for creative teams, even if it isn’t an all-inclusive project management tool, because it enables team collaboration through comments and markup editing. To scale your material as necessary, it also offers a range of online sharing and download alternatives.

7. ProofHub 

The project management tool ProofHub, which has won numerous awards, encourages real-time cooperation among creative teams. The simple, quick, and painless proofreading tool makes the process of providing feedback and reviewing creative work much easier. 

One of our top project management solutions for creative teams is ProofHub, since it enables these teams to quickly plan their activities, collaborate with one another, and maintain an organized work environment.


Annotation software is vast, but this guide will help you narrow down your options and select a choice that suits your needs or those of your business.

You are sure to find the tool that works best for you because there is no right or wrong decision when it comes to these choices; each has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

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