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1. Know Your Challenges
2. Tips to Save Time
3. Conclusion

Videos are treasures when it comes to marketing. They can share your brand’s ideas, promote messages, show products, and services, and be extremely fun and relatable to customers. This is one of the best means to spread your marketing message.

But you know that making the video is also one of the hardest and most expensive parts of marketing. And to do it right, you have to manage it properly with good creative project management software.

Know Your Challenges

To use creative agency project management software properly, you should consider many aspects of the video production process. This will help you to plan out the whole project and divide it into steps.

The possible challenges are shooting videos in different formats (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.), including the various edits and final cuts, which also take a lot of time.

Each filming step includes many people who work on the video, so it is imperative to understand the role of each of the specialists and plan the time perfectly. Thus, you’ll be able to use flawlessly your creative management software and make the most of the process.

Tips to Save

We have some tips on creative agency project management that you may follow:

1. Standardize the Project Brief & Storyboards

One of the biggest issues when it comes to work planning is that many creators go straight to the creating process rather than the brief development.

Create a specific brief for the production team along with the client, as there are certain things they need to know before shooting.

When running project management for creative teams, be sure to include time for learning the brief, thinking about the upcoming work, planning it, and creating storyboards. If you spend enough time on this process, it will be easier during the filming.

The best practice here is to create a unique brief that is suitable for your team. Get together and discuss what information you need to get from the client each time before starting the task. Of course, there will be unique questions for every project, but your goal here is to create a document with your client that states the rules for the finished job, i.e., the length of the video, the message you need to create, the language in the video, the references, etc.

2. Track Your Work In One Space

It is important to share and discuss the work with the colleges to get an honest opinions and feedback. And this should be a part of your creative team management agenda. Make sure to make a slot for that in your creative workflow management software like

Getting the job done is important as you can spot inconsistencies, errors, or logical errors that can be easily fixed and take the burden of shame off your team.

When using a helpful creative project management tool, you can go through the review phase right there, so everything your team members write — stays in the app, and you can always go through it or make additional adjustments.

There’s no need to send feedback letters via email or messenger, as such notices can be easily lost. From now on, you can keep every little bit of information in one place — systematizing it and working for a better product.

You will most likely need to upload the video file to one of the popular platforms for team members to see it, as it will be difficult to upload a large file every time something changes. Don’t be afraid to do this, as you can make these files private so that only people on your team can see them. Place the link in your creative project management app, and you’re done.

3. Automate Review Workflows

Another great function you can experience with free creative project management software like Krock is that you can automate review workflows. As you know, before the video gets to the client, it goes a long way, and it must go through different stages. And a good tool can help you with that so that you can streamline your entire video creation process.

You don’t need to build those long chains of sending videos to different emails and then combining all the reviews into one place. Project management software for creative agencies can do that for you.

Try for 2 weeks for free and see all the available features that would come in handy in the creative workflow.

4. Bring Feedback Into the Editing Timeline

After you’ve gathered all the feedback and reviews from the team, it’s time to add them to the timeline so the editing team can make changes.

Of course, the video production team will compare versions and add comments in the end, but it’s easier if you have some kind of a Wikipedia of feedback where you keep all the reviews so you can check the final product once again.

Putting all the feedback and reviews into one creative production workflow software like Krock will do wonders for your working process. You won’t need to gather all the reviews from all the Slack chats or emails; you’ll have everything in one place – that’s one of the best ways to optimize your creative team’s job!


It’s hard to plan out everything when it comes to any creative work, especially when it comes to video production. But worry not. You can use the best project management software for a creative agency to achieve the best results.

Plan out the work, check out all the reviews and feedback, set reasonable deadlines, and keep an eye on the process. It’s not rocket science, but it gives amazing results. Most creative studio management software costs little or requires no money at all. So, in any case, you won’t lose a lot of money from your company’s budget, but the outcome might be impressive.

A small app can get everything you need for management. Employees on your team will worship you because of your management skills. You know, they always love managers who manage well. So be that super manager who uses creative management tools for good.


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