7 Best Autodesk Shotgrid Alternatives

Autodesk shotgrid alternative review
  1. Prism Pipeline
  2. Pimcore
  3. Krock.io
  4. Review Studio
  5. Frame.io
  6. Ftrack
  7. Yamdu

Autodesk, Inc is an American international software firm that creates software for the media, education, entertainment, engineering, construction, product design, and manufacturing sectors. A “leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software,” according to their website. John Walker, a co-developer of the initial iterations of the company’s most well-known software program, AutoCAD, launched the business in 1982. Over 11,000 people work for Autodesk, its San Francisco Bay Area corporate headquarters. Even while Autodesk creates a large number of excellent programs, they are proprietary. Additionally, most of their products are not user-friendly or very expensive to small and mid-size production teams.

Why are mid-size production teams looking for an alternative solution?

As the size of your team grows, so does the complexity of your projects. You need to manage more people, more files, and more data. And as your team grows, you also need to scale up your workflow. For such film and tv-series productions, companies choose such tools as ShotGrid. But every year, we see many new complaints on Reddit. That’s why people are looking for more straightforward but effective pipeline solutions. They are looking for a solution that helps to store media files, assign tasks and adjust the pipeline to their production. We found the best alternatives and listed them in this article.

7 top Autodesk ShotGrid Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative to Autodesk Shot Grid, plenty of options are available. Here are some of our favorites.

    1. Prism Pipeline
      Prism is a pipeline focused on VFX and animation projects. Automating activities and streamlining their workflow aids users in keeping track of their projects. You can control scene files, share information with other scenes, create playblasts, automate the rendering process, and compare and convert media with the software.

      Prism - Prism is a pipeline focused on VFX and animation projects.

      Prism Pipeline

  1. Pimcore
    It’s – enterprise digital asset management. It’s digital asset management (DAM) software that centralizes all your media assets, including images, graphics, documents, videos, and other media content. Pimcore’s DAM places digital asset management at the core of digital experience management. It can integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and any amount of digital assets. The community edition is free and open-source software.

    Pimcore – enterprise digital asset management

    Pimcore User Interface

  2. Krock.io – Creative Collaboration and Video Review Software
    Krock.io is a tool for media production companies that helps to manage creative teams through visual communication with clients at every stage of the production process. You can upload videos, images, and other media files with Krock and draw annotations above the media content. This platform allows you to manage tasks, assign people to projects, and control work at each stage and in each version. It has a user-friendly interface. Another advantage of Krock – you can store project assets and control their visibility to team members and clients. All project assets can be stored in one project, safe in a cloud, and available for local and remote teams.

    Krock.io autodesk shotgrid alternative

    Krock.io Creative Collaboration and Video Review Software

  3. ReviewStudioReviewStudio is an online proofing software, that allows for easy collaboration on review and approval workflows on all your media projects. Stop communicating in silos. With centralized feedback & approvals, everyone is on the same page. Collaborators, reviewers, and guests can easily markup and comment on imagery, video, web pages, PDFs, and more. Integrated task management allows you to assign any comment, markup, or annotation as a task. Flexible notification options ensure the right people see the feedback – at the right time.

    ReviewStudio- online review app


  4. Frame.ioThe modern video workflow, (re)defined. It is a collaboration hub that keeps your teams focused on creating content from across the hall or the planet. Accelerate feedback and approvals. Secure, cloud-based storage for your assets. Epic email threads and delayed approvals are a thing of the past.

    Frame.io video review app

    Frame.io User Interface

  5. FtrackThe review solution is used by film and television productions worldwide. Ftrack allows High res Video in sync with anyone, with guaranteed sync. Give form to your feedback with annotation tools and sketch in ideas – it shows in sync with everyone else in the review. No media file ever passes through cineSync’s servers. It’s why the world’s largest studios trust us with their content. Share ideas, communicate requirements, and move things forward with frame-specific, contextual feedback. cineSync is capable of 4K playback, high color accuracy, and extremely high frame rates, regardless of bandwidth. cineSync supports macOS, Windows, and Linux.

    FTrack - The review solution is used by film and television productions worldwide.

    Ftrack User Interface

  6. Yamdu

Yamdu is a creative management system for every type of visual production. Our tools help you schedule your project, plan and manage your tasks, share information, communicate, collaborate and create everything you need during every production stage. Map out your project with a production schedule, make tasks to get important work done, and manage your personnel, rooms, and inventory with our resource planning Add-On. With Yamdu, you can create and work with shot lists, storyboards, content items, and AV Scripts.

Yamdu is a creative management system for every type of visual production.

Yamdu User Interface

Which values bring Krock.io as Autodesk Shotgrid Alternative?

We believe that the key to success is adapting quickly to project changes. Hence Krock has all the tools creative teams need for the management, review, and approval process:

Why do small and mid-size companies prefer Krock.io?

It’s not just because of its ease of use. There are several reasons why Krock.io is so popular among South American producers.
First, it has an intuitive interface with a simple drag-and-drop workflow.
Second, it offers a lot of functionality as other solutions, like an Online storyboarding tool or Video Annotations.
Companies with limited budgets prefer Krock for online collaboration on video production projects. With Krock, you can easily plan your expenses. For example, it has a 20 team member company subscription for $200 / monthly or an unlimited team size company for $280 / monthly.

And finally, it supports a mobile version.

Krock.io autodesk shotgrid alternative mobile version app

Krock.io Video Annotations on Mobile Device

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