Best alternatives for a video production company in 2024

Best alternatives for video production companies in 2024
  1. What features should support alternative software?
  2. Best alternatives in 2024 for video production companies
    1. Krockio
    2. Vimeo
    3. Sync Sketch
    4. Shotgrid
    5. Ftrack
    6. Wipster
    7. Filestage
    8. Ziflow
  3. Conclusion

Video review software is an essential tool for the video production business. Video annotation software allows users to share video files online with reviewers to get approval or feedback from them. Although is a popular video annotation tool, there are a few great alternatives available.
To find the best frame alternative for your company, you should answer the main question – “what features are essential for a alternative?” Not every video review tool presented on the market in 2024 has a variety of such functions. Let’s dive deeper.

What features should support alternative software?

  • Make visual reviews on all types of media files (image, video, pdf, etc.)
  • Export features (export comments to your favorite NLE video editor)
  • Security
  • Commenting without registration of reviewers
  • Versioning
  • Frame-by-frame review
  • Video review features (speed, loop, etc.)
  • Shared Workspace
  • Unlimited number of reviewers
  • Asset Management (share and control access to all types of files, aka cloud storage)
  • Project Management Features

It’s essential to consider these different factors before you make a purchase decision. At first glance, has the best cost per user. But, frame io charges not only for users but also for collaborators.

“❗ Note: A user refers to both Collaborators and Team Members. Every Collaborator or Team Member you invite is a paid user.”

Not every mentioned software has the option to add collaborators (freelancers). But, in KROCK.IO, you can add as many collaborators per project as needed without extra charge.

Best alternatives in 2024 for video production companies

  • Krockio
  • Vimeo
  • Sync Sketch
  • Shotgrid
  • Ftrack
  • Wipster
  • Filestage
  • Ziflow

KROCKIO – Creative Collaboration and Video Review Software

One tool for animation and video production companies to collaborate on projects. All teams and clients are working in one space but remain anonymous from each other.

Main features of Krockio software:

  • Video Review features, visual commenting, frame-by-frame review, collaboration, export comments into other NLE systems, etc.
    - Video Review features, visual commenting, frame-by-frame review, collaboration, export comments into other NLE systems, etc.
  • Audio Review
  • Online Storyboarding tool with AI Storyboard generation features
    - Online Storyboarding tool with AI Storyboard generation features
  • Online Animatic Creator
  • Project management features, like calendar and Workload view, help you to track your team members’ workload in your workspace.
  • With a “Link” file type, you can integrate any online source into your pipeline.
  • offers different packages for marketing video production companies of various sizes.
    Krockio Montly Membership

For example, in the “Team Package” for $50, you will get:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of reviewers and collaborators
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • 100 GB of Storage space

Good For:

Small and Medium-sized video production companies, Animation Studios, and Marketing Teams.


Vimeo as a Alternative

Vimeo began as a video-sharing network. However, it has evolved into a strong video workflow management and collaboration platform, allowing video artists and organizations to synchronize internal communications.

If you’re having trouble onboarding new clients to, Vimeo could be a good alternative. This program provides an excellent user experience and is ideal for teamwork. Given the software’s popularity, there are numerous high-quality walkthrough tools and manuals available, so creative and project management teams should have no trouble learning how to use it.


SyncSketch offers real-time functionality for media collaboration in the cloud. Team members are empowered to leave accurate feedback with the best list of tools for visual review. It’s popular in the game industry because it allows you to review 3d models. The visual review instruments may be best compared with other tools, but other features are limited.


ShotGrid Software

ShotGrid™ is a production management software, formerly Shotgun Software, that accelerates workflows for creative studios. With ShotGrid, you can bring creative visions to life, track deadlines, and manage budgets with powerful project-tracking tools. This premium-level application is used by some of the world’s largest and most productive creative studios.


Ftrack as alternative

Ftrack, a browser-based review platform, has an impressive list of clients that use it for huge projects such as episodic TV and feature films. Consolidate comments and annotations to replace convoluted email threads. Ftrack competes mainly with Autodesk Shotgrid software in the presented list.


Wipster Alternative to

Wipster is a video collaboration and publishing platform that enables companies to create and deliver better videos faster. This platform, like, is only for video to help content teams create better videos more quickly.

This focus is good for video teams, but you might need a tool to work with other file types. Then, you can look into some other options.


filestage to send large files online

Filestage lets you examine documents, photos, and videos.  Using the real-time review process, you may add comments, tag peers, and monitor the development of your projects.

On the Filestage pricing page, we can learn what you can get in the most popular package. The price per user is 49 € (~$50), but the minimum order is 5 seats. It also has limitations, like 25 active projects and 2 templates. ( offers unlimited templates). Storage space for your video company is 250 GB.

Filestage alternative pricing


It means for $250, you get:

  • 5 users (if you need more users, you can add it for $50 / user)
  • 250 GB of Storage space
  • 25 projects

If your video company has 10 team members, you will pay $500. Under the same subscription for 10 users with 250 GB, 25 active projects are included.


Zillow Alternative to

If you use Ziflow instead of paper or emails, the work and creative comments will go much faster. You can put all of your assets in one place, and the software will do tedious tasks like changing file types automatically, so you can focus on what’s important: working together on reviews and getting things done quickly. Ziflow offers a “Business” Subscription as the most popular of their service. From this information, we can understand the monthly cost is $40 per user.

Ziflow alternative pricing

To find information about the storage, you need to dig deeper. Here, you can find some limitations, such as 200 proofs. Also, you have 50 GB available per user license.

Zifllow Storage information

It means for $250, you get:

  • 6 users (if you need more users, you can add it for $40 / user)
  • 6 x 50 = 300 GB Storage space
  • Amount of projects is unlimited. but the limitation is the number of proofs (which is 200)

If you need 10 users for video reviewing, it will cost you $400 monthly. For 20 users, you will pay $800.


In conclusion, selecting the right video review software is paramount for the seamless functioning of any video production company. While is widely recognized, there are notable alternatives in 2024 that cater to the diverse needs of video annotation, collaboration, and project management.

When considering a alternative, it is crucial to assess specific features that align with your company’s requirements. These include the ability to make visual reviews on various media files, robust export features, security measures, commenting without the need for reviewer registration, versioning, frame-by-frame review, and comprehensive video review functionalities.

Among the top alternatives mentioned, Krockio stands out as a comprehensive solution for animation and video production companies. Offering a unified space for collaboration while maintaining anonymity, Krockio boasts a range of features, including video and audio review capabilities, online storyboarding, animatic creation, and project management tools. Notably, Krockio allows unlimited collaborators without additional charges, making it a cost-effective choice for small and medium-sized production teams.

Other alternatives such as Vimeo, SyncSketch, ShotGrid, Ftrack, Wipster, Filestage, and Ziflow each bring their unique strengths to the table. Vimeo, for instance, has evolved into a robust video workflow management platform, while SyncSketch excels in real-time collaboration for media projects. ShotGrid, Ftrack, and Wipster cater to specific needs of production management, browser-based review, and video collaboration, respectively. Filestage provides a real-time review process with pricing considerations, and Ziflow streamlines creative workflows with a business subscription model.

Ultimately, the best alternative for your video production company depends on careful consideration of the features that align with your specific workflow and project requirements. As technology continues to evolve, staying informed about the latest offerings in the market ensures that your company stays ahead in the dynamic landscape of video production.

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