Why Krock is the Best Wipster Alternative?

best wipster alternative

Looking for the best Wipster alternative?

From managing projects every step of the way to reviewing the material in the most efficient form possible, creative management tools are indispensable to help your team get the job done.

With the right creative management software, the most complex projects turn simple, the deadlines don’t make your teammates nervous, and the review process does not resemble chaos. The challenge is to choose the best project management app for your team.

Today, we will take a look at a popular creative project management app, Wipster.

We’ll go over the features, and the Wipster pricing, and check which teams it is a good fit for.

And, of course, we’ll have a look at the Wipster alternative — Krock.io, with more features it has to offer.

After reading this article you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the right software for your creative team.

Creative Project Management Features

Creative Workflow tools

Creative Project Management on Wipster

Wipster mainly focuses on video proofing features. However, it also offers some handy bits for project management:

Media Management

You and your creative team can upload videos, images, PDFs, or audio files to Wipster and create separate folders to store the files.

Comments to Tasks

On Wipster, you can let your team know when a project is complete, when it awaits revision, and when it has been approved with a click of a button.

Mark Progress

You can let your team know when a project is complete, when it awaits revision, and when it has been approved with a click of a button.

Creative Project Management on Krock

krock is the best wipster alternative

Krock also has a ton to offer in terms of project management.

Let’s have a look at some of the features:

Separate Workspaces

If you work with different clients or teams, you can use various workspaces to separate your project and keep everything neat and organized.

Custom Pipeline

In Krock, you fully customize the production pipeline of your project.

video production pipeline

You can draft every stage, assign the whole team or particular teammates to each step or the whole project, set various deadlines, and dependencies, tag steps according to the team assigned, etc.

Project Templates

If you have several projects with a similar workflow, you can use one of the ready-made templates, suitable for a variety of projects across creative industries.

You’ve got merely everything: from animation series to advertising campaigns.

creative project management software

Project Templates in Krock.io

Interactive Gantt Chart & Calendar

Easily see work due over the month with interactive scheduling & planning features, such as Krock’s calendar and the Gantt chart.

They both sync automatically, so everyone in your workspace will see any changes immediately.

Progress Status

When you finish a step or need to alert your team of a review need, easily click a button to share that progress

Interactive Storyboard Creator

Usually, creative teams are forced to use storyboard software apart from their main PM tools. But not with Krock.

storyboard software

Board Step in Krock

If your team has projects that require video production, storyboards are indispensable. They:

a) allow your team to see the outline of the final result before the production even has started

b) give the team an understanding of the shots they need to create, change or delete, and therefore can influence the project planning

Online Proofing

Wipster Online Proofing Features

Wipster has a few key features that make online proofing easier:

Comments to Tasks

Similar to Krock, Wipster has a feature where you can move swiftly between past and current versions of a project. This allows you to easily get feedback on a specific version.

Compare Versions

You can place two versions side by side in Wipster to get a before and after view of versions. This way, you can make sure the changes you are making are for the best.

Video Comments

While you can’t draw circles, arrows, and other cues on the media you’re working with on Wipster, you can easily click on the frame you want to comment on and leave a note for your team to see.

Online Proofing in Krock

online proofing in krock

When it comes to reviewing media assets, Krock really outshines other platforms. Besides all the features that Wipster has, Krock also offers:

Storyboard Frame Specific Comments

We can all agree that storyboarding is an essential part of the pre-production phase.

However, when all the stakeholders can leave their feedback on the storyboard frames, the production stage goes easier and smoother. Your team can get feedback from the client before producing the main assets, avoiding time and money wasted on do-overs.

Client Feedback

The most complicated part of the review process for the majority of the creative agencies is handling client feedback.

Clients do not necessarily possess the knowledge or the terminology to explain the revisions they want to make.

Here, Krock came up with a brilliant feature to give the clients a simple, yet comprehensive tool to leave their comments.

client feedback management

Once the asset goes for a client review, they can simply approve or reject it just in one click. As well as comment on the assets they have access to.

Customized Comments

Deducting from the previous point, your team can grant access to clients to specific media assets.

Krock decided to go a bit further and created a possibility to leave comments that are visible only to the team.

You can also organize your comment section to only show comments intended for you or you can sort the comments by date or author.


creative project management pricing

Wipster Pricing

Wipster offers pricing plans billed either monthly or annually. However, Wipster has fewer options when it comes to varying pricing plans.

The free option is their only plan for individuals and only offers 5GB of storage.

Then, Wipster has a team plan that is $22.50 per user per month annually or $25 per user per month.

This is where the costs add up.

If you have a large team, the total price can quickly skyrocket.

Krock Pricing

In Krock, you can also choose to pay either annually or monthly. Paying annually will cut your costs in the long run. Krock also has five payment tiers.

First, there is a free 2-week trial.

It allows up to 10 users on the platform. Thus you can test drive the app before subscribing.


free trial of creative project management app

Next, Krock has a Solo creator option for $7.99 per month for the annual contract and $9.99 per month. This plan is only for one user.

Following this, Krock offers a Plus option for $52.2 per month for the annual contract and $69 per month. It is for up to 10 users.

Next, Krock has a Pro creator option for $79.2 per month for the annual contract and $99 per month. This plan allows for unlimited users besides other benefits, like priority support.

No doubt, both Krock and Wipster have competitive advantages. And both offer a good set of features for project management and online proofing.

However, one might argue that Krock has a more user-friendly interface and is easier in terms of onboarding. Especially if you are planning to include clients in the platform feedback circle.

Meanwhile, Wipster would require a little bit more time to get to know the platform and transfer all the assets.

You can always try Krock for free or book a quick demo call and check out all features the platform has to offer.



1. What is the best Wipster alternative?

There are a variety of alternatives to Wipster available.

If you are searching for the best alternative to Wipster for your creative team, consider Krock.

With its user-friendly interface, fully customizable pipeline, great feedback features, built-in client review system, and interactive storyboard creator, Krock is a great alternative to Wipster.

2. How do Wipster video review features compare to Krock media review features?

Check out the online proofing feature comparison chart:


Visual Mark-Up Comments on All FilesVisual Mark-Up Comments on All Files
Share all files in one placeShare all files in one place
Comment MentionsComment Mentions
Email NotificationsEmail Notifications
Time-Stamped Video FeedbackTime-Stamped Video Feedback
Team-only CommentsTeam-only Comments
Unlimited ProjectsUnlimited Projects
Unlimited ReviewsUnlimited Reviews
Unlimited ReviewersUnlimited Reviewers
HD PlaybackHD Playback
Variable Playback SpeedsVariable Playback Speeds
Share LinksShare Links
Slack IntegrationSlack Integration
Online Knowledge BaseOnline Knowledge Base
Chat SupportChat Support
Task Assignment
Task Scheduling
Interactive Gantt Chart
Custom Workflow
Google Drive Integration
Interactive Storyboard Creator
Limitless Workspaces

3. What is Wipster pricing? How does this compare to Krock pricing?

Check out the price comparison chart for the creative team of 5 members with annual billing:


$112.50$52.20 Plus
$22.50 per user per month$79.20 Pro

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