How to draw visual annotations above videos in

Drawing Annotation over video files

Visual annotations are a crucial part of the video proofing process for any video production company. Let’s learn how to use them.

  1. Start new project
    Step 1 Start new project
  2. Create your first stepStep 2 - Create your first step
  3. Upload media files (in our case, video files) – you can click the “+” button or drag&drop your media into the KrockStep 3- Upload media files
  4. Play the video and click on a frame that you want to annotate
  5. In the comment window, select the drawing tool. You can choose the drawings tool:
    1. Brush
    2. Circle
    3. Square
    4. Arrow
    5. Eraser
    6. Move (a tool that allows you to relocate your annotation on the current frame).Step 4 - Add visual annotation
  6. Adjust Line size by selecting preset or using a slider for a more precise size
    Step 5 - Adjust brush size
  7. Choose the color and transparency of your annotation.
    Step 6 - Adjust color
  8. Add text comment with visual annotation if needed.
  9. Click “Save” to add your drawn annotation to a video file.
  10. It’s Done! You shared annotation with the team assigned to the project. Invite people outside your organization to give you approval or leave feedback on your video file.Step 7 - share video


Keep it all
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Enjoy your new effective video annotation tools.

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Alex Tahanchin

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