The Best Video Production Management Software for Your Video Projects

Best Video Production Management Software for Your Video Projects
  1. Video Production Management
  2. How to Run a Video Production Company
  3. Video Production Planning Software
  4. What Is an Approval Process?
  5. Review and Approval of Software

Imagine you have a great idea for a video project but don’t know where to start. Or perhaps you’ve already begun filming, but now you’re stuck on what to do next. In either case, we have an answer for you.

Video Production Management

Lights, cameras, and action are only one aspect of video production. Pre-production and post-production chores are part of video production and must be tracked and completed on schedule. An efficient fix for this is a film production management system. Simply put, it will take care of organizational and administrative tasks for you so that you can focus solely on creative work. It is safe to say that not employing film production management software will only result in you having to work twice as hard and produce work that can be done more quickly with the aid of these tools.

How to Run a Video Production Company

Organizational skills are crucial to running any company, no matter how big or small. Film and video production companies, whether small or big, always involve a huge crew owing to the fact that video production requires the expertise of many professionals, including cameramen, sometimes artists or actors, editing crew, lighting experts, animators, and the backbone of the company, “The Creatives.”  It all may seem enjoyable until you realize how much work is involved behind the scenes. Since duties range from setting up schedules to shortlisting, storyboards, script breakdowns, call sheets, file sharing, budgeting, client approvals, managing the film crew, and more, it can get quite overwhelming for the weak of heart.

Regardless of whether you have management skills, you can still handle all these tasks effortlessly. Film, television, and moviemakers can meet all the requirements for a successful production with the use of management software.

Video Collaboration Software

Video Production Planning Software

Such software helps you break down your project into small steps, baby steps, you may say, and the whole project does not feel like such a burden anymore. These baby steps can be as follows:

  • Hire team members
  • Create a checklist of tasks
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Track the progress of team members
  • Get notified about deadlines on time
  • Post-production approval
  • Payment system for clients and team members

For all the above-mentioned features, video production software will facilitate team collaboration and ensure clear communication and transparency between clients and companies.

Video editing software is an essential tool for any filmmaker. Whether you’re working on a personal project or creating content for clients, there are many options available. Likewise, there is no shortage of video production management software out there. From free apps to paid programs, there are many options. Here are some of our favorites.


You can effortlessly manage every stage of the video production process from start to finish with this cloud-based solution. It has certain tools that can help with scriptwriting, scheduling, chores, and more. Your teams may update as they go because its real-time collaboration function ensures that everyone is simultaneously seeing the same file.

In simple terms, it’s a scriptwriting and production management tool for the media industry to be able to create and organize media projects including scripts, movies, videos, stage plays, documentaries, games, and podcasts.


Filmmakers may set shooting schedules and call sheets, manage film crews, and backup data in the cloud with StudioBinder’s all-in-one video production and project management software. The most visible approach for teams is to complete more work quickly. Because it’s cloud-based, you may avoid lengthy downloads and irksome installs. Studiobinder offers all the tools you need to start the script breakdown, so submit your script to get started. Create your shot lists and storyboards, then watch as the program puts them together. Even if the timetable is staggered, you may check for conflicts and make adjustments.


Yamdu was built while keeping videographers in mind. This platform considers each stage and component of the video creation process. You can set up your teams so that everything goes smoothly. Teams may interact, communicate, and plan instantaneously. Videographers will discover that this application enables them to effectively manage and schedule projects of all sizes and maintain the progress of various projects that are being worked on concurrently. It provides a number of functions, such as call sheets, announcements, script breakdowns, scheduling, and data synchronization. Their time code function allows you to communicate properly and in real-time while working with several admins.

Movie Magic

It’s easy to understand why Movie Magic has been referred to as the industry standard for production management software. It is owned by Entertainment Partners and is one of the top movie management software systems available because it is utilized in so many big films. You may make detailed digital production schedules that include breakdown sheets, day-by-day plans, cast breakdowns, and more. Additionally, the timetable takes advantage of the strip board feature, giving you flexibility and ensuring consistency in your process. You can also create your production budget with Movie Magic’s budgeting program, in addition to its video production tools.

KROCK.IO is an online platform for content review and project management. A perfect solution for media content creators, project managers, and businesses that connect with teams and clients of all sizes.

You can stay on top of changes in your dashboard and workspaces, control tasks and timescales, assign people, create online meetings, and leave comments on images and videos. The simplicity, ease of use, and speed of make it perfect for creative teams and media companies alike.

Any type of media file can be collaborated on, shared, and delivered on time with’s functionality. It’s time to get rid of missed comments, forgotten deadlines, and misunderstandings between teams and clients due to the creation of versions and sharing of status updates, providing storyboards and project templates, organizing chats, and helping you see the entire picture. Any file type can be attached, such as a PDF, image, or video, and visual comments can be added.

Both clients and teams benefit from’s improved collaboration and production experience.

The all-in-one platform is equipped with the following key features:

  • Task Management
  • Project Planning
  • Review & Approval systems
  • File sharing
  • Ready-made and customized project templates
  • Ability to add several Workspaces
  • Text and visual comments
  • Custom branding
  • Image & Video review tool
  • Storyboard creator
  • Various integrations

What Is an Approval Process?

All video productions, no matter how great they may look to the creator’s eye, require one final approval from the client before publishing. Not only that, multiple approvals and feedback from different team members are required throughout the entire pre-production, production, and post-production processes to ensure a perfect and smooth flow of work. If all team members are familiar with, the whole process becomes easy to understand. With, any team member can see the stage at which each project is and can view the updates and completed tasks in real-time.

Approvals may be necessary from the request to confirm the start of the project until you receive the feedback and make adjustments, i.e., final approval before delivery.

Of course, you can make formal requests via email or informal ones via messages, but the best way to ensure that the whole team feels involved and works as one is to use video production management software.

An Approval Request can be sent via any of the following ways:

  1. Send an informal message (not recommended for established companies)
  2. Make a formal request via email or fax
  3. Use a semi-formal platform like KROCK.IO where you can share the request with all team members and everyone stays updated with the responses.

Best Video Production Management Software for Your Video Projects

Review and Approval of Software

As we know, prior to approval, the client may need to review the intermediate product before receiving the final one.

There are review apps available for this purpose, where you can not only send the finished products to your client for review but also link them to the project workflow and approvals to proceed. Such platforms are best for chatting with clients in real-time and responding to short messages. KROCK.IO is one such app where all video production tools and such necessities are available in one place.

Through it, you can send inquiries and requests entailing the details of the project, if any.

How to Create a Request in KROCK

Create a request for approval on the KROCK platform after one or more versions of what the client needs are implemented. If the Project Manager gives positive feedback to the team, then the result will be shared with the client.

Also, explain to the client why they must approve it, indicating a deadline for the approval. Lastly, send the request via the platform in order for the client to receive the notification on the system or via email that the project is “Ready for Review.”


Keep it all
together with!

Review and Approval Process in KROCK

The client starts the review process, and if any additional adjustments are required, PM changes the project status to “In Progress” until the changes are made.

As soon as the client is satisfied with your amendments, your project will be marked as Approved.

Final Thoughts

Since this process is frequently a disorganized mess involving numerous people and lacking a centralized platform, it can take a long time to complete. It’s essential to have a special platform. if you want to keep everyone informed. In everyday life, when a company does not use special software for video production, there is a possibility that team members may confuse the previous version with the latest version and send an incorrect email, which can lead to misunderstandings, delays, loss of the contract, and even damage to a company’s reputation.

KROCK.IO enables team members and clients to review versions, provide approvals, and make sure that everyone involved with the project is up-to-date with the progress and changes to avoid mishandling.


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