6 compelling reasons to invest in video asset management

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1. What is VAM, or video asset management?
2. What makes VAM so crucial?
3. 6 compelling reasons to invest in video asset management
4. Conclusion

As video becomes more and more popular, companies that make these assets have less time to do so. With the increase in workload, video creators need an efficient system for archiving footage, creating collaborative video content, and completing projects.

What is VAM, or video asset management?

With the help of video asset management (VAM), organizations can manage and organize a lot of video content on a single platform.
Videos on VAM are easier to find when they have information like keywords, auto-tags, and categories added to them. Thanks to video asset management software, it is now simpler for staff members to locate, edit, and collaborate on all video footage.

What makes VAM so crucial?

VAM helps organizations get the most out of their video assets because it saves them time and money.

For example, if teams usually spend a lot of time looking for video assets, they will spend much less time if they use a VAM platform. As a result, time and money are saved.
Video asset management software gives you better video productivity and more control over your assets. This means that your organization can save money, avoid spending money, and use its video assets more strategically.

6 compelling reasons to invest in video asset management

It gives you complete control of all of your video assets

With a VAM, you have total control over how your company creates, distributes, and monetizes video content. When you know how to manage a video library well, you can better use video assets in many ways, like marketing campaigns, improving customer experiences, training employees, and communicating.

Improves the accessibility of videos by including chaptering, subtitles, and metatags

When people can’t find the video assets they need, they often have to make duplicates of similar assets.
Video management solutions help to save money by reducing the amount of time and money wasted on making copies of assets that already exist.

You should be able to add closed captions and video descriptions using your media player. More people, including those who have hearing loss or speak a different language, can watch videos thanks to subtitles.

Increases team effectiveness

Teams may store all video files on a platform for video asset management, making it simple for them to access them whenever and wherever they need to.

It might take a while to find video files, especially if there are likely to be a lot of different versions or revisions. To stay competitive, firms must operate quickly and efficiently.
If you have a central library that holds all of your video assets, it’s easy for teams to upload, find, and share any video file.

For instance, if marketing and sales teams can quickly identify the ideal video for prospects at various phases of the sales funnel, they will be able to achieve their major marketing objectives.

The productivity and profitability of an organization increase when teams are able to use video more effectively.

Encourages video encryption and security

Since most videos are created by multiple people and many people need access to them, it is crucial to safeguard priceless intellectual property.
Business-critical activities include company meetings, subject matter expert presentations, and compliance training. Determining who has access to what and how much they can do is a crucial part of establishing a secure environment.

A security tool called the Domain Lock can make sure that video material only appears on specific domains. It prevents unauthorized people from accessing videos by password-protecting them.

VAM is compatible with a wide variety of management systems

Your business will benefit greatly from combining video asset management with your other automated management systems. It makes it simple to use video virtually everywhere. Teams can also get the word out about relevant films through email marketing campaigns or social media sites. Data can be recorded on video and made available as video-on-demand for viewing at any time and in any location.

The result is a larger audience for the brand

To make your video portal and interactive video player a true extension of your business, add your logo and choose your colors. As a result, customers will have a consistent, easy-to-remember impression of your brand.

You can accomplish more for your brand in less time if your VAM can change and adapt to your demands.


It’s no surprise that video makers will have to step up their game in response to the ever-increasing demand for video.

Inefficient processes, such as never-ending email chains and wasteful content seeking, have no place in modern teams. When every second counts, can your business really do without video asset management?

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