Creative project management: 5 steps to succeed in 2022

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1. What qualities make a good project manager?

2. Be mindful of evolving customer preferences

3. Wisely organize your day

4. Increase your time spent learning

5. Expand your imagination

6. Take your time


What qualities make a good project manager?

A project manager decides how far, at what speed, and in what direction the project will “move.”
A creative project manager has the same “obligations”, but it still depends on him how many people will follow him.

We’ll discuss how to be successful in 2022 today, during a time when the world is undergoing global changes, at a time when everyone is concerned about their future and looking for ways to improve it.

Be mindful of evolving customer preferences

Due to changes in the real as well as in the virtual world, the goals and desires of your customers may also change. For instance, his primary objective today is to save money on advertising compared to yesterday when he only sought to get more people to his website. Your primary goal will be to pay attention to this and show “flexibility” in work.

Wisely organize your day

Do not take on too many projects — this phrase often frightens and hinders the development of knowledgeable specialists. The lack of time management is all that really lies behind this, though. A person without a daily regimen is unlikely to manage even two projects well. Keeping workplace productivity high is one of the main tasks of a good project manager. So, if you want to do several tasks at once, start by listing all your responsibilities and ranking them in order of priority.

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Increase your time spent learning

If you keep an eye out for statistics, you will notice that:

  • The numbest of employees working from home has grown by 159% since 2005 (that’s 11 times faster than the other workforce)
  • 16% of companies worldwide work remotely
  • 76% of office workers worldwide want to continue working from home after COVID-19
  • More than 80% of employees hope that the employer will leave them to work remotely.

In 2022, more and more people are moving to remote work, mastering new niches. The types of abilities and skills we have at our disposal have an impact on how we want to accomplish the project’s objectives. So for those who have forgotten about learning, the moment to focus on it is right now.

The fact that competition is increasing is more than enough reason to begin honing your skills. A project manager is someone who is constantly honing their craft. It is about both hard and soft skills.

Expand your imagination

Improve your creative project management skills. Stop thinking in terms of patterns. Every day, changes occur, and you must “manage” to change along with them. Keep an eye on world events and what people are talking about, what is relevant now, and what it is better to remain silent about. Do not believe everything you read and hear, dig deeper, and be able to look at the situation from the other side.

Take your time

“The brain needs to rest” — says Stuart Friedman, author of books on leadership and work-life balance — “After a break in mental activity, creative thinking works better, it’s easier for you to make decisions, and you begin to enjoy your activities”.

You are checked for constant communication with the team and clients. The team needs you in a balanced and calm state. So don’t try to overburden yourself.


Being a successful project manager is not simple. But! The most important things are to not be lethargic, to be interested in everything around you, and to be flexible.

There is no need to be afraid of the unknown. If before you moved alone, now you don’t.

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