Gantt Chart is available in Krock

We know some of you are especially excited about this feature.

Now project milestones are even easier to track.

To access the Gantt chart, simply navigate to the Timeline tab in your dashboard.


Gantt Chart

Take a look at what our Gantt view consists of.

Overview options

You can choose to view the Gantt chart either by projects or by members.

The view feature is set on Members by default. Simply switch the view to Projects or Members in the upper right corner of your Timeline.


Projects View


Members View

Filter options

You can also filter which milestones you see by:

  • Projects
  • Members
  • The status of the step


Gantt Chart is available in Krock Photo

Projects View


Gantt Chart

Members View


The Gantt chart is a handy tool that helps you to stay on top of every aspect of your workflow.

If you have any questions regarding how to use or its functionalities, or just want to say hi – please, let us know here or use our online chat in your down-left corner.


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Iryna Shkira
Iryna Shkira

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