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Storyboard AI

Hi! Today we will show you how to generate a storyboard in just a couple of minutes on our platform with the help of AI technologies.

1. Firstly, create a new Board.

2. Name the new step and choose the “Board” section.

Storyboard AI - Create a Board step

3. Press the button “Create Step.”

Click to create a storyboard online

4. Open the storyboard, you just created.

5. And click “Create the new frame.”

Storyboard AI - Click to add new Frame to your Storyboard

6. Put the description of what you need in the first section.

Storyboard AI - add description to your frame

7. Click the “Storyboard AI,” to create a storyboard.

Storyboard AI - Open Storyboard AI window to generare your frames

10. Or “AI Generate” to create a separate frame for a specific scene.

Generate AI Frame

11. Select the text field that describes the image to be generated and choose the style in which you want to generate your storyboard.

Storyboard AI - Select Style

12. Click on “Generate” button.

13. Congratulations! You have a picture generated by Storyboard AI or an entire story, looking at which path the user took.

Storyboard AI - Ready to use online generated storyboard in few clicks

Here you can see the whole process in detail in our video tutorial:

If you’re having any trouble or need any help, let us know.

Use Case: AI Storyboard for Commercial Video
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