Zoom Integration Guide

Zoom intergration in Krock.io

Get in touch with your team and clients by starting a Zoom meeting right from your dashboard! 

How to enable Zoom in Krock


1. Go to your Profile on the left sidebar menu, and click on Integrations.

2. Once on the page, you will find all available integrations in the lower right corner, find Zoom, and click Connect.

3. Sign in to your Zoom account and set the desired authorizations.


zoom integration4. Once enabled, a Zoom icon will appear in every project, allowing you to start a meeting.


How to start a Zoom meeting in Krock

1. Open a Workspace you integrated Zoom for.

2. Choose the project where you want to start meeting and click the Zoom icon. Here you can type in the agenda and invite team members.

integration ZOOM

3. After successfully creating your meeting, you will also get an invitation link if you need to invite people without access to your Krock Workspace. The link will open Zoom in the new tab of your browser, or start the Zoom app if installed.

How to disable Zoom

  1. Choose the Workspace you want to disconnect from Zoom and click on Settings.
  2. Once on the page, go to integrations in the lower right corner, find Zoom and click Disconnect.


zoom integration in krock

To make sure that Zoom was uninstalled:

  1.  Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  2.  Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Krock.io
  3. If you still see Krock.io in the list of your Add-ons, please proceed to the following steps:
    – Click the Krock.io app
    – Click Uninstall

If you don’t see Krock.io in the list of your Add-ons, it means that Zoom was successfully uninstalled from your Krock dashboard.


Want to receive notifications from KROCK directly into your Slack channel? Connect Slack to Krock following these steps.

Have any trouble? Please, let us know.

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