How to assign people to the steps and manage roles?

Your workspace consists of managers and assignees. These two roles have different permissions. Managers can create projects, assign people to steps, add new steps, and send work for a client’s review. Assignees can only edit the steps they are assigned to (upload files, comment, set the progress of a step).  

You can watch this guide to learn how to manage roles:


All your team members are automatically added to a workspace as assignees. Find your future manager in a list, press on three dots in the ‘Actions’ column, and choose ‘Set as Manager.’ You can have a few managers in a workspace. These roles work in every project of this workspace, and you don’t need to manage them manually from project to project.    

To choose a responsible person, you should press ‘Assign members to the step’ while creating a step and choose who will work on this.

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