Difference between team member, freelancer, and client

Users in Krock.io

In Krock.io, you can add team members to your workspace. To do that, go to
Team menu and click “Invite Members.” For each team member, you can set a role:

  • Member (Assignee) – can be assigned to Project Steps within the current workspace. All team members added to the current workspace will have access to every project in the workspace.
  • Manager (Has the same functionality as Owner. Managers can create new projects and assign Members to Steps. Managers can change project statuses and send projects for review to the reviewers (Clients).

Difference between team member, freelancer, and client Photo

This article teaches you how to send versions for Review: https://krock.io/help-center/getting-started/how-to-send-a-version-for-the-clients-review/.

How to Invite team member to workspace in Krock.io

On a Project level, you can invite two types of users:

  • Reviewers (clients)
  • Editors (freelancers)

To invite reviewers or editors to your project, click on the “Invite” button at the top menu in the project view. In the pop-up window, add a new member by adding an email address. Set the type of the account in a drop-down menu (Can Edit | Can Comment).

How to invite Editors and Reviewers to the project in Krock.io

The new member will get an email with an invitation to join the project.

Email invitation to join project in Krock.ioReviewers (Clients) can add visual and text comments to project steps in the status “Reviewing.”

Editors (freelancers) can be assigned to Project Steps. These users can see only the current project to which the Manager or Owner set them. Editors can upload files to Steps as other Members.

In this article, you can learn how to assign Members and Editors (freelancers) to steps: https://krock.io/help-center/featuresintegrations/how-to-assign-people-to-steps-and-manage-roles/.

You can invite unregistered users to live visual feedback on your project by sending a Private Shared link. Here you can learn how to do it: https://krock.io/help-center/video-tutorials/how-to-share-private-links-with-clients/.

Every user leaving comments using this link will be added as a “Reviewer” to the current project. We can add visual feedback and discuss comments in the comments panel.

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