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It has never been easier to share feedback. We developed a content review feature that allows users to leave comments directly on images, videos, pdf files, or storyboards.

Check this tutorial and learn how to add visual and text comments to any type of media file:

First, pick the step you want to share your feedback on.

If you want to add a text comment in the Image step, do the following:
  1. Press “Write comment”
  2. Type in your feedback in the field
  3. Press “Save”
To add a visual comment to an image, press on any area of the image, and add your comment in the same way. This will also work for pdf files.

To add a visual comment to the video file: 

  1. Pick a shot
  2. Pin a spot you want to highlight in the shot
  3. Type in your comment in the field
  4. And click “Save”

To add a comment to the storyboard frame:

  1. Press “Write comment”
  2. Pick a frame you want to share your feedback on (the number of the frame will display in the comment right near your name)
  3. Share your thoughts in the comment field
  4. And hit “Save”

That’s it! Super easy and intuitive! 


Check out more articles on getting started with Krock:

If you’re having any trouble or need any help, let us know.



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